Work With Me

Stop struggling and efforting your way through health goals. Learn how to eat better and stick to a workout plan without making it hard.

It’s a cycle. You have an idea to get in shape or eat healthy and you’re excited about it. In the beginning it’s fun, you have momentum. After 3 days, maybe a week, it gets hard. You dread eating healthy or working out again or maybe a friend calls and wants to get a drink which leads to two or three drinks  and then you’re hungry and since you’ve been so good for a few days you feel like you can have one meal that’s off the plan. Falling off your plan leads to shame and feelings of not being able to adhere to a plan so why even try? You screwed up (again). Your motivation is shot and you can’t figure out how to adhere to the plan to make it through to the end.

What if you broke the cycle?

Feeling like you can achieve anything and meet any goal with confidence. Nothing can get you down. You’re always winning. You’re in control of what you eat and your exercise plan. You love yourself deep down and give yourself grace when things don’t go to plan. You know how to push yourself and what your body needs to feel healthy and strong.

Let’s get started!

Together we’ll develop a personalized plan complete with goals you are thrilled to meet. I will help you every step of the way through calls and/or in person meetings.

  • A personalized plan for how to meet your specific goals

  • 8 weekly one-on-one calls where we’ll develop personalized goals

Sample weekly topics:

      • Importance of water and drinking enough of it daily

      • Omgea 3 health benefits

      • Bad oils and cutting them from your diet

      • Workout ideas to help you reach your goals at any fitness level

      • The buddy system/accountability

      • Mindset and how to keep it positive

      • Nutrition - where to start no matter what your background is

      • Get some movement in & why it’s important

Hi! I’m Lara. Throughout my life I’ve been active and focused on eating well and I know the struggle that comes along with trying to meet goals around eating plans and workout regimens. Over time I’ve come to realize it doesn’t have to be so hard. Labeling workouts as hard or food as good/bad can hinder us and cause us to feel we’re failing.

We’re all on our own path and we all have stories around health and fitness.

Let me tell you - we’re making it way harder than it has to be.

I’m here to show you how to stop struggling and start living with more ease and less negative self-talk. Do you have health and fitness goals? We need to talk!

Who is this for?

  • People who are done with struggling through health and fitness goals.

  • People who are tired of beating up themselves over ‘poor’ nutrition decisions.

  • People who get to the end of their day feeling drained and defeated.

As a life-long health advocate for working out and eating better, I’ve seen all phases of the process. Hopeful and energetic in the beginning of a new workout regimen, pushing hard through days and making yourself go to the gym to eventually falling off the plan and beating yourself up over ‘never being able to meet my goals’. Sound familiar?

Contact me and let’s get started.